If you have looked through our website, you probably already know that our Personal Protection dogs are child friendly and child safe. If you have watched our videos you also know that our dogs are capable of protecting you and your family from would-be attackers. The question then is, how is it possible to have a dog that can mitigate and neutralize a full-force attack by someone who is 6’5” and 250 lbs., but is gentle and loving with your newborn, toddler, 8-year-old, and a house full of teenagers?

The answer is all in the raising and training of our personal protection dogs. First of all, we do not import dogs from out of the country. Imported protection dogs are almost never raised IN a home. They live outside in kennels and crates and are obedience trained but are not socialized in family living arrangements. Therefore, they cannot be trusted to treat your children as part of their pack. The pack mentality is something that we use to our advantage when we train our dogs. We do not try to take the pack mentality out of our dogs, instead we instill in them that they are part of the human pack and that you are the pack leader. When we introduce your dog into your home during our three-day delivery, we reinforce through our training methods that your entire family is in the pack and that while the dog is part of the pack, he is not in charge of the pack. This means that the dog will not hurt other members of their pack because they innately know better than to violate pack rules.

Secondly, we only train domestic dogs that have been raised in family situation. Some are raised in single family homes, others in apartments, others on small family farms or ranches, and others in our own homes. We cannot raise all of the dogs in our own homes because then we would have too many to socialize and pay attention to. We only have one or two dogs in our home at a time while they are being raised and getting ready for our protection dog training program because then your dog gets all the attention and basic training that he/she needs in order to be a perfectly socialized and obedience, and protection trained adult dog.

The puppy and teen stages of the dog’s life are so important for adult dependability and a great personality. Having a dog that is thoroughly socialized makes the dog a better dog. If you don’t have children now or won’t ever have children and you are thinking that it doesn’t matter if the dog is kid friendly or not, you need to understand that it actually matters a lot. The chances of your dog not ever coming in contact with a child is basically zero. At some point, your dog will come in contact with someone else’s kids. When that happens, you want your dog to feel comfortable and relaxed. Of course, if you do have kids, there is no question that you need a dog that has been raised in a loving home with children and is friendly and gentle with children.

We train our dogs to protect you and that becomes their job and dogs love to have a job. We always select dogs with great personalities and high drive. When our dogs are protection trained, the dog isn’t thinking he wants to go out and bite someone, he is thinking he is doing his job to protect you when there is a threat. Since the dog belongs to your pack, it doesn’t cross his mind to hurt someone in his pack because that is not his job!

Having a dog that was raised with kids and loves kids is our number one priority in our selection process. If the dog has been raised with kids and is great with kids, then we can move on to other important aspects that we consider when selecting a dog to enter our training program. Not all dogs have the right temperament to be protection trained. It is up to us to only select the best dogs and train them professionally so that they will assimilate into your personal lifestyle and personal circumstances and be a reliable protection force for you and your family.

At Integrity K9 Services, we take the gamble out of having a protection dog that is safe for you and your family and friends. Our dogs know when there is a threat and when there isn’t. Our dogs love having a job and love being part of their human pack. They are loyal and loving and just as importantly, they are there to protect you all the time.