At Integrity K9 Solutions, we know that a lot of you have horses and attend horse events all over the world.  You want a well-trained dog that can do their job keeping you safe and secure, but you also need a dog that is well acquainted with the equestrian world, one that isn’t aggressive towards horses and gets along with them well.  That’s why we at Integrity K9 start taking our dogs to our ranch when we first get them.  They grow up interacting with horses on a weekly basis and know their place in the hierarchy of ranch life.  We even train them in the horse arena with horses galloping around so that they are not distracted by those thunderous hooves!  Here are some pictures for your enjoyment of some of our dogs interacting with horses and training at our ranch facilities.


Here’s one of our Champions, Creed, working and relaxing at the ranch.  When he’s in the arena, he’s working, and never takes his eyes off his work because he’s used to horses being around him.  When he’s finished with his protection dog training, he relaxes under the big oak tree with the kids loving on him.  Creed is an exceptional Malinois trained as a superb protection dog.  He has the most beautiful red sable markings, and unusual and gorgeous facial markings.  This dog has it all—power, agility, kindness, warmth, and he knows exactly when each of those characteristics is called for thanks to Bill’s extensive care and training.


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