Cyrus is our beautiful, unaltered Belgian Malinois born in early 2018. He has lots of heart and lots of drive to get the job done of protecting you from any threats you might encounter. He is absolutely a lover as you can see from his pictures He loves smiling and showing you that he adores you. Once he’s a member of your family, you’ll be getting these adoring love-looks too!  Cyrus has excelled at obedience training and bite work. He doesn’t mess around when it comes to your safety. At the first hint of danger, Cyrus is on alert and looking out for you. He doesn’t back down and he doesn’t flinch. He just makes sure you’re safe no matter what. Raised in a family setting, Cyrus loves children and dogs. He likes to go where you go, whether that’s to the mall or moving the laundry. He’s well behaved and has great house manners. Cyrus is ready to become your best friend and protector. Give us a call or drop an email for more details. We’d love to help you find your best pet ever.