Protection Dog Profile: Duke

Duke is one of the most beautiful, well-behaved, and powerful Rottweilers you’ll ever see.  He is well proportioned and has a beautiful coat.  He has a wonderful disposition, and is patient and kind to both children and adults.  Duke is also very polite, and is a pleasure to take into public places because he behaves well and is very disciplined.  He was raised in a family setting (as are all of our dogs), so he can easily assimilate into your family circumstances and bond with your family.  He is animal neutral, and gets along well with other pets.  Duke loves to be pet and loves attention, but he’s not demanding or annoying.  If you want him to lay at your feet, that’s what he will do.  Just give him the command and he will lie down and relax.  However, he is also trained to defend you at any given moment, so while it may look like he’s just chilling, he’s also on duty, and has the ability to jump into action when there’s a threat.  Duke is eager to please and he comes from great blood lines.  His parents were champions in both show and work disciplines, which makes him a top-quality bred Rottweiler.

Duke is trained on and off-leash. He heels, sits, stays, goes to “place,” and stays in “place” on command until told otherwise.  (Place is where you designate for him to lie down in your home, and you can have more than one place that he goes to.) He is house-trained and won’t tear up your furniture.  He loves to be with family and loves to protect his pack (which is you once you’ve bonded!).

Duke has a powerful head that conveys that he means business to the bad guys.  On command, he will bite when the bad guy advances, and will release on command when you tell him to.  He is so intimidating due to his size that a bad guy who’s looking to take advantage of someone will pass you right by when they see this powerful Roti.  If someone is ridiculous enough to try something, he will show them that they’re going to have to go through his teeth, along with all of his snarling and growling, to get to you!  Duke is quite formidable, and up to any challenge that the bad guy or bad guys try to bring.  He won’t back down and he isn’t afraid.  His job is to protect you and your family, and he will do just that in any situation that comes his way. When the threat is neutralized, Duke immediately goes back to being a loving pet for you and your family.  He knows his job, he knows when to protect, and he knows when to be a loving pet.

When no threat is present, Duke is affectionate and calm. He loves relaxing or playing with the kids and watching out for them and you.  He doesn’t pace or whine, he just does what a normal, very well-behaved pet would do—except he’s also on watch for you 24/7, making sure that you’re safe.  This dog would love to come be your special boy and protect your family!