Protection Dog Profile: Ghost

Ghost is a gorgeous Belgian Malinois that has the sweetest personality you could ask for.  He is 20 months old and weighs 50 lbs.  He is a combination of fawn and a dark brown/gray color with a black face.  Ghost has a personality that makes you want to take him with you everywhere you go.  He is strikingly beautiful and carries himself like he’s a star, with a graceful trot and run that makes him look like he’s flying.  He’s so amazing we’re surprised that he can’t pass through walls (as his name suggests)!

Ghost is good with children and other dogs.  When other dogs come around that he hasn’t seen before, he’s a perfect gentlemen.  Once he gets acquainted with other dogs, he joins right in and plays with them.  He likes to play fetch and he loves water on a hot day, and will join in on any water game you care to play with him.  He is on and off leash trained, very obedient, and is an amazing Personal Protection dog.

When it comes to taking care of the bad guys, Ghost lives up to his name and scares the bad guys away before they even think twice about doing anything.  He has a great bite, a deep bark, and he knows how to hold off any intruder.  If they’re dumb enough to get too close and try and hurt you, he will take care of business and keep you safe in an instant.  Ghost has been professionally trained, and is ready to be your companion.  He can go anywhere you want to take him—on a walk, a run, hiking, to the park, or anywhere in the car.  His manners are perfect, and he will even stand for you on command!  (See pic of him standing on his back legs.)  Ghost is a medium sized dog that will fit nicely into your lifestyle.

Belgian Malinois dogs can vary a lot in appearance, from sable to red to black to light tan, and all with different facial markings and masks.  They can be short or long haired, and they vary in size from medium to large.  Malinois belong to the working dog class, and were originally bred as herding dogs in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and other European countries.  They are popular now in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong. They love to have a job to do, and their typical tasks for police work include odor and explosive detection, detecting accelerants (for arson investigations), sniffing out narcotics, and tracking human suspects for police and search and rescue missions. They are a popular choice for personal protection because they are a dedicated working dog that takes pride in their work and are very attached to their pack (their owners).  They are agile and healthy dogs overall, smaller than German Shepherds, and can live up to 14 years without any major health issues.  Belgian Malinois routinely place high in Dog Trials worldwide.  These dogs have lots of energy, and are sweet, loyal, and loving working dogs.