Jackson Storm, born at the beginning 2019, is a beautiful, smart, large, male Doberman with the sweetest personality and love for children that is possible. Storm is friendly and confident, and his obedience training is excellent. He is currently in the midst of his advanced training and is well on his way to being top-notch in civil and protection training. When we took Storm to a
family he had never met before, we took video and pics of his very first meeting with them.
Within 15 minutes of the three children getting to know him (and love him), the 3-year-old girl
was walking him around in their backyard OFF leash and he was following and doing everything she asked him to do. The two boys in the family were jumping around and doing summer-saults in the family room and Storm was completely relaxed around them. This is a sensational dog that has everything a family would want in a well-behaved, loving family protection dog. He also was taken to a place of business by someone else he had only just met and was such a gentleman and did everything perfectly. If someone comes towards you aggressively though, he is on his game and ready to defend and protect without hesitation. The great thing about our protection dogs is that they’re great companions who integrate well into your circumstances. Let us know if you would like to hear more about this outstanding Dobi by giving us a call or sending an email on our link.