Kali is our super sweet Dogo Argentino. She is white and has the most beautiful brindle right eye! She is so protective and sweet that you won’t be able to imagine being without her once you’ve met her. She is well trained in all her obedience and protection training and will be an awesome family addition. The Dogo Argentino breed is a very muscular breed that was bred in Argentina for big game hunting. These dogs are adept at taking down a wild boar and Kali is trained and ready to protect you from any intruder or would be attacker. One look at her and the bad guys will move on, but if they’re unfortunate enough to make a move, she will stop them before they even get started. Her strong and powerful body coupled with her alert and trained mind means they don’t have a chance of infringing on your safety and security. This girl is sweet and loving and that’s the kind of companion and protection dog you deserve.