Nino is our beautiful male Doberman with traditional black and rust coloring.

He was handpicked for protection training because of his work ethic, trainability, sweet personality and health checks. Nino is a wonderful dog and will make the perfect companion to the right home. He has been expertly trained in all areas of protection and obedience work and has excelled in all of his training. He comes from amazing bloodlines and is a lovable boy.

Nino is strong, innately protective and incredibly apt especially in stressful situations. He has been expertly trained in active and passive protection work, high obedience work along with additional special skills. Nino comes from healthy bloodlines and has been health and temperament checked. Nino loves his trainers and is eager and willing to complete commands. He has logged hundreds of hours of protection and obedience training to ensure that he will make the best protection dog available.

Nino is trained to alert, guard, watch, protect and detect threats. From the first day of training he showed incredible potential and has delivered on that potential every day since.

We deliver worldwide and spend ample time with you, ensuring there is a seamless transition to you as the handler and owner.

Doberman Protection and Training

Dobermans are natural protectors and their instincts really start to shine through as they go through protection and obedience training. Protecting is in their blood – being an expert protection dog is in their training.

Dobermans are known for their gentle demeanor and large presence, these gentle giants have the ability to integrate into family settings seamlessly. When they are raised with families, they are well adapted adults and well rounded protection dogs. These large and intelligent dogs are affectionate, loving, playful and hard working – making them the perfect fit for a family protection dog.