Omega Red is our beautiful red sable Czech Shepherd. Omega is a very quick learner and a joy to train and work with. He is also loyal and loving which are traits we always look for when we select our candidates for personal protection dogs. This formidable guy has outstanding confirmation and looks good just sitting there. When he’s in action, defending his people, it is an amazing thing to see. He has powerful jaws and a strong bite. He is obedient and will immediately do any command he is given. He is also playful and loving and just a sweetheart. He likes to play games with you and have a good time. He will also relax with you and be perfectly content while you do paperwork, cook, or read a book. Omega is good with children and other animals. He will fit right in with your family circumstances and become your own personal protection dog. Omega is good in a car, on the sidewalk, on a hike, in social settings or at a store. He is as versatile as he is well behaved. Since Omega is such a quick learner, we can teach him special tricks that would be fun for you and your family to have him do. If you are interested in finding out more about Omega, watch his videos and give us a call.  We’d love to discuss his abilities and personality with you.

Czech German Shepherds have similar origins as the East German Working Line and German Shepherd. After WWII, Czechoslovakia shared a border with East Germany, which ended up causing isolated breeding in 1955 to border stations on the Czech/German border. The Czech German Shepherds were bred to pass health standards and display superior working ability for the patrolling of the Czech border and protecting their military owners. These dogs display the same high energy, drive, endurance, athleticism, and training as the other German Shepherd breeding lines. The Czechoslovakian breeding lines are known for their extremely strict discipline on health standards. These dogs are versatile and can be utilized in a range of environments and situations. They are typically healthy and have strong bones, solid nerves, and make great family dogs.