Thor is our unaltered, male, Dutch Shepherd, born in 2018, with an exceptional disposition. He has looks and moves that will stop the bad guys in their tracks and make them high tail it out of there. He is also a devoted friend and loves to be loved. He is great with children and other animals and wants to please his pack by keeping them safe. That means, he wants to keep you safe. He has extensive training in civil and bite work, is fully personal and family protection trained and is ready to meet any danger head on. Thor is a quiet, obedient protection dog that will go anywhere with you and behave top-notch as you can see in his pictures. He will watch out for your safety at all times whether you’re at home or out and about. He is a chill dog that will stay near you and sit in his designated place quietly and sweetly. Our dogs are raised in homes with children and other animals and know how to co-exist without taking over. This means that they are ready to do battle, but they don’t pace around the house in any sort of agitated way for no reason. Our dogs are relaxed and calm and fit in with your life style. Thor takes the worry out of being at home at night, walking in the dark, or hiking in a secluded area and in any other situation where you would feel vulnerable. He is your first line of defense and he takes his job seriously. He would like nothing better than to become part of your family pack and be on alert for you. He also likes to play and to be loved. With our dogs, you not only get excellent protection 24/7 but you also get a great and well-behaved pet like you’ve never imagined possible. If you’d like to discuss Thor and see more pictures, give us a call or drop an email and we will be happy to help.