• Ben is our non-shedding obedience and protection trained dog! He is extremely intelligent, driven, obedient, athletic, and attentive. He enjoys playing, and is great with other dogs! His personality is so fun and he's ready to be your new protector.
  • Shrek has a beautiful athletic build and such a fun personality. He is sweet, well behaved and ready to be your protector and loyal companion.
  • Ross is an 18-month-old unaltered male German Shepherd. He is very intelligent, driven, attentive, and loves to work. Ross is an excellent dog for someone looking for a loyal, intelligent and well-behaved protector and companion.
  • King is our 2-year-old male Rottweiler with an impressive build and the sweetest personality! He is so smart and affectionate and he displays exactly the right mix of drive, patience, loyalty and protective instinct that are required from a personal protection dog.
  • Bruce is a very rare brindle male African Boerboel, making him beautiful as well as powerful. He is a true gentle giant at 155 lbs! Protection trained and extremely sweet, he will make you the luckiest person in the world as his owner.
  • Max is a gorgeous reverse brindle American Bulldog with a beautiful white face. He is such a sweet, happy, and playful guy, but ready to protect you against any threat! He’s calm, well-mannered and on and off-leash trained and ready to become the best addition to your life!
  • Walter is an amazing protection dog and the epitome of strength. He is also very loving and ready to be your best protection.
  • Willow is a very playful and loving girl and can back it up with her power and agility to keep you safe. She’s on duty all the time to keep you and your loved one’s safe while being a calm well-mannered and well-behaved dog. When you meet Willow, you’ll fall in love with her.
  • Kali is our super sweet Dogo Argentino with a brindle right eye! She is so protective and sweet that you won’t be able to imagine being without her once you’ve met her. This girl is the kind of companion and protection dog you deserve.
  • Hulk is our big and gorgeous black and tan male German Shepherd. If you need a formidable protection dog that is also playful and loving, this is your guy. His obedience is spot on and you can count on him to always be there to do whatever it is you need so that you have a great pet and a great protection dog.
  • Arya is one of our South African Boerboels. She was born at the end of 2019 and has had a wonderful life with a family. She is extremely sweet, well trained and ready to become your new best friend.
  • Sophia is such a calm and easy going sweetheart. Her obedience and protection training is incredible! Her bite work is exemplary, and she knows exactly what it takes to keep her family safe. Feel like a protection dog is right for you? Contact us to learn more about our dogs, our process and how we match you with your perfect dog!


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