• Athena

    Athena is our beautiful black and tan female German Shepherd. She is eager to please and very well behaved. Her defense work is excellent, and she will take care of you and your loved ones as your loyal friend and protector.

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  • Fathy

    Fathy’s number 1 priority is your safety. He loves to protect and enjoys his protection work. Fathy is our large black, red, and brown, Belgian Malinois who loves to work and has one of the most hard hitting, effective bite-work that you can find in a dog. He is also a very happy and playful boy, making him a great addition to your life!

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  • Ryder

    While protection is for everyone, we know that some dog dander is not for everyone. Ryder is our hypoallergenic Poodle, ready to defend you and your family – without the allergies!

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  • Sierra

    Sierra is such a sweet girl and a hard worker too!

    Interested in owning a protection dog? Just want to know what our process is like? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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  • X- Xena (Sold)

    Xena is a 5 year old female Belgian Malinois. She is fully trained in protection and obedience.

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  • X- Grayson (Sold)

    Grayson is a rare protection trained Great Dane. He brings all of the incredible attributes of the breed to his protection work, including loyalty, fearlessness, athleticism, power and intelligence. He is calm, composed, and affectionate around friends and family. Like many Great Danes he is fantastic with children and other animals.

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  • X- Bullet (Sold)

    Bullet is a wonderful 4 year old Doberman Pinscher. He is an altered male that weighs approximately 70 pounds that displays incredible athleticism and loyalty in his protection work. He works well with other pets and animals and is great with the family and around children. He has both advanced obedience, and advanced protection that can […]

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  • X- Neo (Sold)

    Neo is a Standard Poodle, born mid 2018. He is shed-free and would make a great animal friend and protector for you. He is not distracted by strangers and will do everything he can to protect you from anyone. This poodle guard dog will protect you and your family from any intruder or attacker that would […]

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  • X- Red (Sold)

    Red is a Standard Poodle who was born mid 2018. He is a beautiful, shed-free boy who is loving and gentle – until it is time to protect you and your loved ones. At that point he becomes very protective. He is in full protection training mode and is going to be a great addition to […]

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  • X- Jackson Storm (Sold)

    Jackson Storm, born at the beginning 2019, is a beautiful, smart, large, male Doberman with the sweetest personality and love for children that is possible. Storm is friendly and confident, and his obedience training is excellent. He is currently in the midst of his advanced training and is well on his way to being top-notch in […]

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  • X- Harley (Sold)

    American Bulldog Training American Bulldogs are working dogs! They make great family and companion dogs and are more active and need more exercise than their close relative, the English Bulldog. American Bulldogs love having a job and love being trained for a specific task, whether it’s service dog related or protection dog related (or both)! All […]

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