Our dogs keep you safe.

Our dogs keep you safe.

Protection German Shepherd posing
American Bulldog protection dog posing for camera

Executive and Family Protection Dogs

We provide the best personal protection dogs available because we believe you and your loved ones have the right to safety. Unlike other types of home defense (such as firearms, security systems, video cameras, or municipal police departments), our protection dogs are always vigilant, always on call, and always ready to neutralize any threat.

Protection dog training

Our dogs are raised in family settings, around children and animals to ensure that your protection dog blends seamlessly into your lifestyle. Our protection dog training includes high obedience training and the highest level of expert protection training. Before each dog goes through our protection dog training program, they are screened for drive, intelligence, personality and trainability ensuring that we are providing the best trained dogs available.

Obedience dog training

All of our protection dogs have gone through extensive amounts of training including obedience training, ensuring that our dogs become perfect protection dogs for you and your family. They learn perfect manners for being inside your house, yard and anywhere else you may bring them! Imagine never worrying about having a misbehaved dog again!

Feel peace of mind with the best personal protection dog security available

We pride ourselves on having the best quality trained dogs for protection and family. All of our dogs are ready to protect you and your loved ones. We know every person and family has different needs, which is why we work with you every step of the way to match you with the perfect protection dog for you. We hand deliver your dog to you and spend time training you and ensuring a seamless transition.

Protection Doberman
Protection Boerboel posing in field
  • Lydia

    Lydia is our highly trained Rottweiler. She is athletic and excited to go hiking, biking and running with you. She will make the perfect companion and protector to you and your family.

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  • Ben

    Ben is our non-shedding obedience and protection trained dog! He is extremely intelligent, driven, obedient, athletic, and attentive. He enjoys playing, and is great with other dogs! His personality is so fun and he’s ready to be your new protector.

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  • Shrek

    Shrek has a beautiful athletic build and such a fun personality. He is sweet, well behaved and ready to be your fierce protector and loyal companion.

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What Do You Need To Protect?

Protect Your Family

All of our protection dogs are raised in loving homes, where they learn to interact with children and families.

Protect Yourself

Our protection dogs form a strong bond with their owners. This means they will defend you as one of their own.​

Protect Your Property

Your home is your castle. Your protection dog feels the same way, and will protect you and your territory against any threat



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