Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher obedience trained dogs are some of the best obedience dogs you can find. They also make incredible protection dogs. Dobermans are intelligent, alert, loyal, muscular, fast, and powerful dogs. These attributes combine to make an excellent personal protection dog. Historically this breed has been trained to do many dangerous and difficult jobs in wartime and have been esteemed and valued. These dogs are loyal and sweet and ready to become part of your family. Take a look at our Dobermans below!

  • X- Bella (Sold)

    Bella has extensive high obedience and protection training. She is loving, sweet, and insanely good at her job – protecting her owners.

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  • X- Bullet (Sold)

    Bullet is a wonderful 4 year old Doberman Pinscher. He is an altered male that weighs approximately 70 pounds that displays incredible athleticism and loyalty in his protection work. He works well with other pets and animals and is great with the family and around children. He has both advanced obedience, and advanced protection that can […]

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  • X- Jackson Storm (Sold)

    Jackson Storm, born at the beginning 2019, is a beautiful, smart, large, male Doberman with the sweetest personality and love for children that is possible. Storm is friendly and confident, and his obedience training is excellent. He is currently in the midst of his advanced training and is well on his way to being top-notch in […]

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  • X- Jax (Sold)

    Jax is a great big presence with strength and stamina times 10!  But he is also mellow and sweet.

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  • X- Solo (Sold)

    Solo has it all!  He has been in many movies, television programs, and commercials.

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