What is a Personal Protection Dog?

What is a Personal Protection Dog? Dog Protection - All You Need to Know A personal protection dog is a highly trained dog that is capable of protecting you from threats and which will help keep you from being physically hurt by others. When you are in your home, your dog is there keeping you safe [...]

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What Breed of Protection Dog Should I Get?

Do you enjoy taking personality quizzes online? Are you the chill one? The athletic one? The social one? Choosing a dog from Integrity K9 Services is like taking a personality test so you can find the perfect dog to match your lifestyle. You might also be asking, “What breed of dog is best for protection?” To [...]

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Can Dogs See Color?

You know that humans can be color blind, but are dogs color blind? If not, what colors do dogs see? It is a common myth that dogs can only see in black and white, but dogs can actually see blue and yellow. This means dogs have dichromatic vision. Your dog’s eyes can only see two colors [...]

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What Makes the Best Protection Dog

What are the best protection dog breeds? Can any dog be a protection dog? Can I train my own dog to be a personal protection dog? Though many people might know that not just any dog can be a protection dog, they might not know why that is or what it takes to be a personal [...]

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Living with a Personal Protection Dog

What is it like living with a Personal Protection Dog? Maybe you’re a high-profile public figure and want to feel a little safer on the streets or at home.  Maybe you have to work in an area where you need some protection.  Maybe you’ve received anonymous threats and don’t know if they’re legitimate or not.  Maybe [...]

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Our Personal Protection Dogs Love Kids!

Our personal protection dogs are raised in family settings around lots and lots of kids! It is so important to us that our dogs are raised around children so that they know how to be kind and gentle even with babies. To us, being a personal protection dog means protecting your family from outside threats and [...]

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Integrity K9 Services Takes a Look at Protection Dogs and Children

If you have looked through our website, you probably already know that our Personal Protection dogs are child friendly and child safe. If you have watched our videos you also know that our dogs are capable of protecting you and your family from would-be attackers. The question then is, how is it possible to have a [...]

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