American Bulldogs

Bulldogs are stocky, well-built, strong, and muscular.  Their coat is short and smooth, and they are light to moderate shedders.  They are typically confident, social, and active dogs that are mellow and good natured with their families.  They are very sweet and great with children and excel as a personal and family protection dog.

  • Max

    Max is a gorgeous reverse brindle American Bulldog with a beautiful white face. He is such a sweet, happy, and playful guy, but ready to protect you against any threat! He’s not about to let anyone mess with you or your loved ones and he’s not about to back down from any threat. He’s calm, well-mannered […]

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  • X- Bud (Sold)

    Bud is our reverse brindle, American Bulldog.  His markings are incredible.  But that’s only the beginning of his great attributes.

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  • X- Harley (Sold)

    American Bulldog Training American Bulldogs are working dogs! They make great family and companion dogs and are more active and need more exercise than their close relative, the English Bulldog. American Bulldogs love having a job and love being trained for a specific task, whether it’s service dog related or protection dog related (or both)! All […]

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