The Best Protection and Guard Dogs for Women

Written by Sammy Miles and Dawn Dent from our Integrity K9 Services team

In the world we live in today, we can not leave our safety up to chance. By taking control of our safety, we give ourselves more freedom and confidence. Men and women both are targets of violence and crime, but in this specific article we will focus on the best protection dogs for women. 

Why should women own protection dogs?Woman with a protection dog

  1. Your protection dog can check your home every time you return for threats or anyone that should not be there.
  2. Your dog will protect you in public spaces no matter the circumstances, giving you more freedom.
  3. Your dog will wake and protect you if there is a threat in your home.
  4. Your dog will act as a deterrent 24/7 and as an active protector in an escalated situation.

There are a few questions to consider when looking for the best protection dog, specifically if you are a woman. 

  1. Do you live alone or with friends or family?
  2. Do you have specific safety concerns, such as already having been targeted or followed?
  3. Do you live in an apartment or a house and do you have a backyard?
  4. Do you live in the city or a rural town? 

All of these items will all have an impact on which protection dog is right for you.

Remember, every individual is different, therefore every individual’s needs will be different. There are protection dog breeds that may fit your lifestyle better than others. While personality and the right fit play a vital role in matching you to the right dog, ultimately the best protection dog for any woman will be a dog that has years of training, experience, and protection work under their belt. 

Here are some of the best protection and guard dogs for women. 

  1. German Shepherds It’s no surprise that German Shepherds would make #1 on our list. With their powerful capabilities, affectionate personalities and incredible intelligence, they make amazing companions and protectors. Male German shepherds especially can be particularly attentive to women, making them our #1 pick for women looking for protection dogs. German Shepherds are one of the oldest protection dog breed lines. They have been bred for hundreds of years to have heightened senses, work drive and trainability. They can range in size from 50-90 pounds, making them a great size for not only a companion dog but a protection barrier. 
  2. Belgian MalinoisBelgian Malinois are sometimes called the ultimate protectors. Belgian Malinois are fiercely loyal and incredibly athletic. They are intuitive, compassionate and smart, making them the best defenders and companions. Belgian Malinois can make the perfect companion to you in the right situation especially if you lead an active lifestyle and want to take your dog hiking, running, walking, camping or biking. These dogs are known for their drive and energy – getting regular exercise is extremely imperative to these dogs’ mental and physical well-being.Female Rottweiler with Owner
  3. Rottweilers – Rottweilers are known for their iconic black and tan colorings and for their super sweet personalities. We affectionately call them the biggest lap dogs around because their favorite place to be is usually on top of their owners being loved. This breed dates back to the time of the Romans when they were bred and used as herding and guard dogs. In addition to Rottweilers’ trainability and intelligence, they make incredible protection dogs because of their size and physical appearance. They can weigh anywhere between 75-130 pounds and are extremely muscular. They have large heads and will provide a level of deterrence just from their appearance alone.
  4. Dobermans Pinschers – Dobermans are fierce, strong and agile, and look as tough as they really are. They have huge strong chests and have been bred for hundreds of years to be good protection and guard dogs. They stand between 25-28 inches tall and weigh somewhere between 60 and 75 pounds. Dobermans make great family protection dogs and great protection dogs for women because of their powerful presence and their no nonsense attitude towards potential threats. They are playful and loving with their owners, but don’t mess around when a threat is detected.
  5. American Bulldogs – American Bulldogs have an extremely muscular build and weigh somewhere between 60-120 pounds. They have large heads and strong jaws, which itself is a huge deterrent for any threat. American Bulldog’s capabilities aren’t just physical though, they are born ready to learn and work. This working dog breed has a love for training and they usually master obedience and protection tasks quickly and efficiently. American Bulldogs make great personal protection dogs because they integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle, provide you with a loving companion and also become the most powerful protection tool money can buy.


Protection Doberman with ownerStay Safe – Get Protected

One of the best things we as women can do to lower our chances of being the target for violence, crime or danger is to own a dog, especially if it is protection trained. A dog is the only self defense tool available that has the ability to not only actively protect you 24/7 but to detect the actual threat as well. Dogs are on guard even in their sleep. They will wake to the slightest whiff of danger, and have the ability to act in your defense on their own to keep you safe. We provide handler courses when we deliver our protection dogs so that we can teach you as the handler how to command your dog. Knowing how to handle your dog is critical, yet often overlooked. You will feel safer and more protected knowing that you can command your dog to obey any directive you give them at any moment – especially in the face of danger.

Our protection dogs are trained to the highest level of obedience and protection. They are trained to bite and hold, inspect interior and exterior locations, detect threats, protect you in running, car jacking and any other situation to ultimately keep you safe 24/7. 

Take control over your protection today and contact us to talk about your protection dog needs.


  • The term “guard dog” has traditionally meant to guard or protect one’s property and “protection dog” to denote protection of a person, the terms have become somewhat mixed – therefor we refer to our protection dogs as guard dogs at times.