Giant Schnauzers

The Working Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzers have a long history of being working dogs. They have been guard dogs, protection dogs, body guards, police dogs, herding dogs and they were trained to perform tasks during WWII. They make very good family dogs and personal protection dogs as they have been bred for hundreds of years for their strong build, protective instincts, trainability and intelligent personalities. They have assertive temperaments, which means they will watch and observe, without exerting their energy on any little thing that comes their way. Aggressiveness is not in their temperaments, which makes them a great choice for a personal protection dog. They will stay by your side and observe every little thing in your surroundings, but will only act if there is a true threat. They are wise and have an incredible level of intelligence.

Giant Schnauzers make great all around working dogs for any task you need them to learn!

Giant Schnauzers as Family Dogs

Giant Schnauzers are strong, loyal, and highly intelligent. As we have mentioned, they make incredible working dogs, but they also make great family dogs. Giant Schnauzers have calm and endearing personalities and would make any house feel more homey with their presence. As they are highly intelligent and easily trained, they are quick to pick up basic house rules and commands, such as place, stay and don’t bark. They assimilate well in families of all types including those with children or other animals. With a little bit of training these dogs can become the best companion for you and your family. They are hypoallergenic so if allergies are an issue, the Giant Schnauzer may be your solution. This also means less shedding hair around the house which, in addition to being easier to keep the house clean, can be beneficial if you have small children crawling around on your floors. 

All around, Giant Schnauzers are fantastic dogs and make incredible protection and family dogs. Learn more about each of our individual dogs below.