Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs

Thinking about getting a Belgian Malinois protection dog? They might just be the dog for you.

Protective instincts – Belgian Malinois have incredible herding, protecting and guarding drive. They are born with very strong protective instincts and an innate desire to defend their owners. Belgian Malinois training involves obedience training in addition to protection training to complement these drives. This training starts from the time these dogs are puppies. They begin socialization and basic obedience training within the first few months of life and then build on that foundation with protection training. All of our Belgian Malinois are high obedience and high protection trained.

Appearance – These dogs can vary a lot in appearance, from sable to red to black to light tan, and can have a variety of different facial markings and masks. They can be short or long haired, and they vary in size from medium to large. Most Belgian Malinois weigh somewhere between 40-80 pounds and stand 22 to 26 inches tall. They have large ears that stand erect and have powerful back legs.

Working dogs – Malinois belong to the working dog class, and were originally bred as herding dogs in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and other European countries. They have a high drive, are extremely intelligent, are very loyal and make excellent personal and family protection dogs. Belgian Malinois are used in a variety of working positions including police work and military work. 

Personality – Belgian Malinois are extremely athletic and need a consistent exercise routine. These dogs are known for their ability to climb, jump and run higher, farther, and faster than most other dog breeds. These dogs need about 60-90 high energy exercise minutes a day. Not only that, but they must have mental stimulation every day. Going on walks and letting them sniff, smell and meet new items is.a great mental stimulation exercise. They thrive on agility courses and love to climb anything they can. These dogs are very high energy but they love affection and would do well in a home where they are adored and played with often.

Training – Training a Belgian Malinois for protection takes thorough training and a great trainer. These dogs are high energy dogs and great training is a must! Belgian Malinois protection is about the best protection you can get. Because Belgian Malinois love mental stimulation and physical exercise, agility training, sport training, herd training, military training, police training and protection training are all perfectly suited trainings for these dogs. 

Learn more about our individual dogs below.

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  • All Star Zelda

    Zelda is a brilliant soul and a joy to be around. She is focussed, determined, playful and alert.

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  • Fathy

    Fathy’s number 1 priority is your safety. He loves to protect and enjoys his protection work. Fathy is our large black, red, and brown, Belgian Malinois who loves to work and has one of the most hard hitting, effective bite-work that you can find in a dog. He is also a very happy and playful boy, making him a great addition to your life!

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  • Ike

    With thousands of hours of training completed and his raw, natural protective spirit, Ike is a tenacious and determined Belgian Malinois protection dog.

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  • Jet

    Jet has thousands of hours of protection work under his belt and is perfectly trained to defend you and keep you safe. He is trained in threat detection and active protection work. Learn more here.

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  • Sierra

    Sierra is such a sweet girl and a hard worker too!

    Interested in owning a protection dog? Just want to know what our process is like? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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  • X – Apollo

    Apollo is our Belgian Malinois protection dog. He is highly trained and ready to become your new #1 protector and companion.

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  • X- Blitz (Sold)

    Blitz is our gorgeous Belgian Malinois with a black mask and fawn coloring. He has undergone the highest obedience and protection training.

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  • X- Leah (Sold)

    Leah loves to play and loves to be loved. She is an impressive Belgian Malinois with a gorgeous fawn coat and a beautiful black mask.

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