Cane Corsos

Cane Corsos – Ultra Protective Dogs

Cane Corsos, or Cani Corsi, are an ultra protective dog breed. This breed dates back to the height of the Roman Empire where they were used as guard dogs and protection dogs. Their bite force, size, intimidation factor and personality make them perfect candidates for protection work.

Physical Attributes

  • 88-110 Pounds
  • Strong bite force
  • Stocky build

The strongest dogs in the world? Some experts regard Cani Corsi as the strongest dogs in the world, taking into consideration their size, muscle build and bite force. These dogs typically weigh between 88 and 110 pounds. They have huge jaws and are extremely strong and have a substantial build. Their looks alone are a deterrent, but their protective instincts and intelligence make them the ultimate defense. 


  • Affectionate
  • Fiercely loyal to their owners
  • Smart

This breed loves to work and they love guarding their owners. They are loyal and fierce, ensuring that they will consistently defend their owners against any threat. Though protection is in their blood, their claim to being the best protection dogs is in their expert training.

Cane Corso VS Rottweilers – Though they come from different backgrounds and countries of origin, these two breeds get compared to a lot. Cani Corsi and Rottweilers have the potential to weigh around the same size and they both have a stocky, muscular build. In addition to their physical appearance, they are both extremely affectionate dogs with their owners, but less friendly to strangers than other popular breeds. They both can be reserved around new people or strangers until that individual has proven non threatening.

Cane Corsos Today

  • Training is essential
  • Assertive personality
  • Need outdoor time daily

Cane Corsos are gentle giants and are loving and loyal to their owners while being ultra protective and fierce to potential threats. They are assertive and can have strong personalities, which means training is imperative for these dogs to blend seamlessly with your lifestyle. Their assertive personality means that they are confident, intelligent and prudent when it comes to who they will engage with. Assertiveness is an attractive quality in a dog because it means they are prudent about their behavior and are confident enough that they don’t need to prove themselves against other animals or people. They are generally laid back, athletic, and non aggressive. These dogs make great family dogs for the right situation and with good training.

Choosing Our Dogs – We choose the best of the breed for protection training. As young as a couple of weeks old, we begin to see characteristics that will set certain puppies apart from the rest. Their puppy training includes good socialization, manners and beginner obedience. Then at about six months old, these puppies will begin the more formal part of their protection training. These dogs are born ready to work and are very active puppies. They love learning new tasks and mastering new skills, making them quick learning protection dogs. Though they pick up on items quickly, they still undergo thousands of hours of training to practice and master threat detection, interior and exterior searches, bite and holds, car jacking defense, and other special skills. These dogs are normally ready to become part of your family as a protection dog at two or three years old, depending on their personalities and special skills.

Cani Corsi make incredible family protection dogs. If you want a big presence, Cane Corso protection dogs may be the dog for you!

  • Gemma

    Gemma is our beautiful and strong Cane Corso. She has gorgeous coloring and will be thrilled to be your loyal companion and protector. She has excelled in every facet of her protection and obedience work and has become an incredibly fierce protector.

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  • X- Emmy (Sold)

    The Cane Corso breed is the Bodyguard of the dog world. Emmy has a WOW factor that’s off the charts with her personality and ability to protect.

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Cane Corso doing protection work