Dutch Shepherds

Dutch Shepherds are brindle colored. They are versatile and highly intelligent and skilled which makes them very suitable for protection training. Dutch Shepherds are trained and used as police dogs, search and tracking dogs, and guide dogs for the blind.  Since WWII, the Dutch Shepherd has been a rare and highly desirable breed because they excel at whatever they are trained to do.

  • X- Gunner (Sold)

    Gunner is our absolutely beautifully marked Dutch Shepherd with an amazing personality. This dog is highly trained and a sweetheart of a companion. Gunner, born in early 2018 is an unaltered male with a gorgeous body and beautiful head. When it comes to his loyalty and bite work, he is top-notch. He is highly obedience trained […]

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  • X- Loki (Sold)

    A dog like Loki doesn’t come around very often.  He is a tall Dutch Shepherd with reverse brindle coloring.

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  • X- Thor (Sold)

    Thor is our unaltered, male, Dutch Shepherd, born in 2018, with an exceptional disposition. He has looks and moves that will stop the bad guys in their tracks and make them high tail it out of there. He is also a devoted friend and loves to be loved. He is great with children and other animals […]

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