We are proud to offer service dog training. We customize our service dog training programs based on the needs of each individual we work with. Our service dog training is completely separate from our protection dog training.

Temperament and Choosing the Right Dog

We start off with incredible dogs that have all proved themselves for their temperament, work ethic and trainability. It is imperative that the dog’s personality, temperament, energy level and disposition match and compliment our clients perfectly. 

Our Training

Our service dog training involves hundreds of hours of obedience and skills work to ensure a perfectly behaved and perfectly consistent service companion for our clients. 

Customized Approach

Every dog we train is tailor trained to a specific client. There is not a one-size fits all option when it comes to service dog training. Each dog is selected and matched with their handler based on specific needs, wants and goals. There are hundreds of skills service dogs can learn, it is unnecessary for each dog to learn every single command, they are trained to fit our clients’ specific needs and taught to meet all of the demands necessary for their specialty. 

Our Trainers 

William Ellinger is our head trainer, he has over 30 years of training experience. Though his trained dogs are proof of excellence enough, it’s worth mentioning he has studied Animal Behavior and has a PhD from Michigan State University.

Specific Skills and Training

The following is a non-exhaustive list of service skills we train:

  • Retrieve items such as clothes, medications or food
  • Alerting such as alerting family members, roommates or other individuals that something is wrong
  • Alerting for help
  • Seizure alert
  • Close doors and windows
  • Blood sugar alert
  • Mobility and stability help
  • Turn off or on lights
  • Circle individual in public to provide space
  • Medication reminders
  • Interrupt harmful behaviors or panic attacks
  • Guiding for emotional or physical needs
  • Pulling a wheelchair

Note – We can not and do not disclose the specific training or skills of any of our clients’ dogs as it breaks our client confidentiality and privacy agreements.