German Shepherds

Our trained German Shepherds for sale are the highest quality German Shepherds you will find. They have been handpicked and were extensively screened before they even entered our training facilities. This means they have been tested for trainability, personality and fit before they even start protection training. The German Shepherd protection training these dogs undergo is perfectly tailored to German Shepherds. While the basics of protection training stay the same from dog to dog, the way a trainer works with different breeds can have a huge impact on the dogs training. Which is why it is so incredibly important to have a trainer who is well trained in the area of animal behavior of each dog breed they work with.

All of our German Shepherd dogs for sale have been through intense high obedience training along with extensive protection training from our world-renowned trainer, William Ellinger. Our German Shepherd protection dogs are on and off leash trained, perfectly house trained and protection trained. This means that they will not only fit in perfectly to your home and family life, but taking them out in public will be a breeze. A lot of dogs know a lot of tricks, but only high obedience trained dogs perfectly execute their commands consistently. With as much going on in your life, the last thing you need to worry about is a dog that will misbehave. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog will always behave AND protect you if there is ever a threat, is an unmatched luxury.

German Shepherds were originally developed for sheep herding, but because of their many amazing characteristics—including obedience, intelligence, strength, and trainability—have since been used for many other types of work. Now, German Shepherds are typically used in search-and-rescue missions, police work, military roles, as service dogs, and as protection dogs. German Shepherds are loving and loyal to their families and are calm and gentle when raised and trained properly.