German Shepherds

German Shepherd Training – German Shepherds take well to all types of training. They are very quick to learn and master commands and skills and love having a job to do. German Shepherds love to work and thrive when they are given new challenges.

Puppies begin going through crate, house and basic obedience training at an early age. It’s imperative that puppies are well socialized with other dogs and humans. After these puppies master basic skills, it’s onto confidence building. This breed responds extremely well to positive reinforcement and learning new skills helps build their confidence levels. Around 9-12 months these dogs are ready to start more advanced training. German Shepherds excel in police, military, protection, service, agility, dog sports and herding.

All of our German Shepherds have been through intense high obedience training along with extensive protection training from our world-renowned trainer, William Ellinger. Our German Shepherd protection dogs are on and off leash trained, perfectly house trained and protection trained. This means that they will not only fit in perfectly to your home and family life, but taking them out in public will be a breeze. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog will always behave AND protect you if there is ever a threat, is an unmatched luxury.

German Shepherd Overview – Our trained German Shepherds are the highest quality German Shepherds you will find. They have been handpicked and were extensively screened before they even entered our training facilities. This means they have been tested for trainability, personality and fit before they even start protection training. The protection training these dogs undergo is perfectly tailored to German Shepherds. While the basics of protection training stay the same from dog to dog, the way a trainer works with different breeds can have a huge impact on the dogs training.

German Shepherd Origin – German Shepherds were originally developed for sheep herding, but because of their many amazing characteristics—including obedience, intelligence, strength, and trainability—have since been used for many other types of work. Now, German Shepherds are typically used in search-and-rescue missions, police work, military roles, as service dogs, protection dogs and other working areas.

German Shepherd Personality – German Shepherds are loving and loyal to their families and are calm and gentle when raised and trained properly. These dogs are super affectionate and love their owners and tend to be gentle with children, especially when raised in a family setting. German Shepherds are extremely athletic and tend to be well built and muscular. These dogs love to play fetch, hike, and go on walks but they need mental stimulation to be happy as well. Dog sports, sniffing games and daily training are great for these dogs. They love a challenge and are happy when they have a job to do.

  • Ace

    Czech Shepherds are known for their reliable, confident and intelligent personalities, and Ace is no exception.

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  • Gage

    Gage is our stunning all black Shepherd. He is  driven, fierce and ready to be your new companion and protector.

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  • Hulk

    Hulk is our big and gorgeous black and tan male German Shepherd. If you need a formidable protection dog that is also playful and loving, this is your guy. His obedience is spot on and you can count on him to always be there to do whatever it is you need so that you have a great pet and a great protection dog.

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  • Lucy

    Lucy is one of our female German Shepherds. She is smart, lovable and loves to work, making her the best protector and companion you could ask for.

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  • X- Moto (Sold)

    Moto is our sable and black Czech German Shepherd.  He is 15-months-old and weighs 80 lbs.

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  • X- Skywalker (Sold)

    Skywalker is one of our large male German Shepherds. Ready to be your new #protector and defender. He has been through hundreds of hours of training and loves to master new skills. *Skywalker has been sold. Please view all of our other German Shepherd protection dogs here. Our female German Shepherd protection dog Lucy has been […]

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  • X- Zeus (Sold)

    Beautiful, well-mannered, and powerful perfectly describes Zeus, our 15-month-old, fully-trained Protection and Companion dog.

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