Czech Shepherds

Czech Shepherds are strong, well built, affectionate and highly intelligent. These dogs have the same high energy, drive, endurance, athleticism, and training as the other German Shepherd breeding lines, but tend to be a little more agile and compact than their German Shepherd relatives. The Czechoslovakian breeding lines are known for their extremely strict discipline on health standards. These dogs are versatile, healthy, lovable and have strong bones, solid nerves, and make great personal and family dogs.

Czech Shepherds are also known as Czechoslovak Shepherds, Czechoslovakian Shepherds and Czech German Shepherds. No matter what name they go by, they are the ultimate working and protection dog breed.

Physical Traits – These dogs are medium to large. They are well built and strong and have massive, incredibly powerful jaws. Males generally stand 22-24 inches tall and weigh around 66-88 pounds. Females generally stand 22-24 inches tall and weigh around 49-71 pounds. They can be quite furry and can shed a medium amount. 

Personality – These dogs are affectionate with their owners and family and friends, but can be aloof or a little standoffish with newcomers and strangers. They are respectful until you give them a reason not to be. They are extremely observant and notice everything around them. They note your smells, emotions and body language until they decipher the situation. Because of this they make great dogs to work with people including protection or service dogs. 

Trainability – Czech German Shepherds feel most confident and accomplished when they have a job to do or are mastering new skills. They catch on to new skills quite quickly and perfect them faster than average. They have the ability to perfect hundreds of skills and retain the commands and directives for each of them.

Czech Shepherds can be compared to Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds and Dutch Shepherds. View some of our protection dogs below.