Rottweilers became a favorite breed because of their gentle nature and extremely powerful build. Rottweilers are a very strong working breed as well as gentle, sweet and a great playmate and protector within the family circle. High intelligence, loyalty and well-trained Rottweilers make excellent personal and family protection dogs.

  • Rocky

    Rottweiler guard dog and protection dog!

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  • Walter

    Walter is a black Rottweiler born 2/20/2019 who is the epitome of strength and when it comes to a protection dog, that’s a prerequisite to being a great one. He is also very loving and wants to be part of your world. Rottweilers are known for their intelligence and great personalities, and Walter is all of […]

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  • Willow

    Willow is our beautiful female black and tan Rottweiler born 2/16/2020. She is a very playful and loving girl and can back it up with her power and agility to keep you safe. She’s on the lookout for bad guys whether you’re throwing a football around in your back yard, taking an evening walk, or going […]

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  • X- Duke (Sold)

    Duke is one of the most beautiful, well-behaved, and powerful Rottweilers you’ll ever see.

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