Our goal is simple:  We match you to the protection dog of your dreams.  We supply you with a selection of puppies to choose from that have already been vetted and have proven to be excellent candidates for personal protection dogs and service dogs.  You have the opportunity to select your dog, and may visit with your dog monthly at our facility to bond and monitor their progress.  As your dog is being trained, you also have the ability to add components to their training.  The dogs are taught basic obedience as they are growing, and are, of course, house-trained and well-behaved in the home.  We handle the puppy phases of chewing and learning to go to the bathroom outside for you so that when your dog arrives, they are a well-adjusted, well-trained addition to your family.

There are many things that our highly-trained dogs can do, and if you participate in our Build a Puppy program, you can make sure that your dog is trained to do exactly what you need—nothing more and nothing less.  Do you want your dog to protect you and your family? No problem!  Do you want your dog to be a companion wherever you go and alert you when your blood sugar is high?  We can do that!  Need a dog to care for a loved one who is confined to a wheel chair, be it to bring slippers or alert others when help is needed?  We can definitely make that happen. Want your dog to do a few parlor tricks?  We can do that, too! We have in-house trainers led by the world-renowned Dr. William Ellinger who will work with your dog and train them to do exactly what you need.

Bear and Pierre are examples of puppies that have been featured in our Build a Puppy Program.  Bear was raised from the day she was born with a loving family.  She was born into a family with three small children, and at 12 weeks went home with one of our trainers who has a family with five children.  Bear was given basic obedience training and learned good manners as she grew within the family unit, riding in cars, traveling to the horse ranch, and traveling to the vet for shots. She became a great companion dog.  Once selected, her training to become a protection dog began.  She learned all the basic commands such as, sit, stay, down, stay in place, heel, and a few more. Her training to become a fully equipped family or executive protection dog took about 6 months.  When she turned a year old, she was ready to go live with her family as a mature and well-trained dog that was anxious to care for her family for years to come.

Pierre was also raised in a family setting, and has been completely trained in basic obedience and as a protection dog.  This good-looking boy has great blood-lines and a sweet, loving personality.  Weighing in at 70 lbs., he is also quite a formidable protector.  Like Bear, he is a non-shedding poodle, but don’t be fooled by his calm, sweet, and loyal behavior.  He has the heart of a lion, and he won’t let the bad guy get to you.

If you are interested in having a professionally trained protection and/or service dog, but also want to be able to bond with your dog when it’s a puppy, this program may be right for you.  If you don’t want to do all of the heavy lifting and training of the puppy (such as training them not to chew, house breaking, teaching them to be calm in the house, and teaching them perfect basic obedience), this program may be right for you.  Give us a call if you’re interested in learning more details and for puppy availability.

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