What is a Personal Protection Dog?

Dog Protection – All You Need to Know

A personal protection dog is a highly trained dog that is capable of protecting you from threats and which will help keep you from being physically hurt by others. When you are in your home, your dog is there keeping you safe from intruders and home invasion threats. When you are in your car, your personal protection dog is keeping you safe from car-jacking scenarios. When you are out for a walk or on a run, your dog is alert and by your side, making sure that no one threatens you or abducts you. When you’re in a parking structure, your dog is keeping you safe escorting you to and from your car. These, and many more, are the things our personal and family protection dogs are trained to do. Our dogs are trained to accompany you on public transportation, including on planes, boats, rail cars, subways, busses and trains. You never know when you will need protection, but your professionally trained protection dog does. Your dog senses danger and protects you whenever you need protecting.

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Family Protection Dogs

In addition to protecting you, a personal protection dog will also protect your family and be an integral part of your life. Therefore, the dog must be highly trained in basic obedience and be a pleasure to be around and have in your home. Our dogs are house trained, are calm when you want them to be and playful when you want to play with them. They don’t tear up your furniture or dig up your yard. Personal protection dogs are not junk yard dogs or mean dogs. They do not live in an auto parts yard with razor fencing where they’re expected to guard material things. They protect the things you can’t replace, you and your family. They are friendly, well behaved dogs that are fun to be around. They adapt to your individual lifestyle and become part of your pack with you as the pack leader. We often refer to our dogs interchangeably as personal protection dogs and family protection dogs. While some dogs can be trained to only protect one person, our mission is to raise and train family protection dogs that fit in perfectly with your lifestyle and your family’s lifestyle.

How our dogs are raised – Our dogs are raised in a family setting so that they know how to act with adults, children, and people coming and going such as gardeners, caretakers, housekeepers and nannies. Our dogs are taught to recognize threats so that you can have people in your home and not worry about the unexpected. If you have special requests, we can do additional training. Our dogs are animal neutral, which means that if you have cats, other dogs, birds, turtles, horses or other types of animals, they get along with the other animals. When we match you with one of our dogs, it’s important for us to know what other animals you have in your home so that we can help you select the dog that is best suited for your circumstances.

Hand selected – A personal and family protection dog should be an asset to you, your family and your lifestyle. At Integrity K9 Services, we raise our dogs properly with lots of love and affection. We hand select and train only the best dogs from several different breeds, including hypoallergenic and non-shedding dogs so that we can match the best dog with you.

Delivery difference – We spend three days with you in your home delivering your personal protection dog so that you have the best training and bonding experience available in our industry. Our professional and experienced trainers will show you exactly what you need to know and do in order to start off right with your dog and develop a long-lasting great relationship together. They will leave you with instructions for what to expect and what to do when they’re gone so you know what you’re doing. We are also available for follow-up calls and are happy to assist you with your needs.

We love our dogs and you will too. We want our personal and family protection dogs in the best homes possible doing their job of protecting you while also being your best friend. Remember, our dogs protect what you can’t replace. Check out our line up of dogs here.

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