One of our Belgian Malinois puppies playing with our full grown protection dog poodle. It is so important to a puppy’s development to play with dogs of all ages in a safe environment. Our Belgian Malinois puppy sure loves his poodle friend!

Here is one of our fully grown Belgian Malinois protection dog playing with one of our Belgian Malinois puppies. Our dogs learn how to play nicely with other dogs through socialization starting at a young age.

Bill training (and loving) one of our dogs. All of our dogs know their boundaries and when they are allowed to do things that maybe they aren’t usually allowed to do. Our dogs do not jump onto us unless they are given explicit permission. You will never have to worry about your dog misbehaving in public either, even if another dog barks at them and tries to get their attention. This is all part of our training.

Always ears for these little guys. Blegian Malinois puppies grow fast! It is always so fun when we have puppies and we cherish every moment with these sweet guys. This one in particular liked to gather up all of his toys and place them in a corner or on a rug. Even now that he is all grown up he still likes taking his toys and placing them all together. All of our dogs have sweet and different personalities. After we take them through protection training their personalities blossom and in addition to their sweet personalities they’ve learned how to protect you and your family from any threat. What more could you want!?

One of our malinois puppies with his toys, he always has to keep them together,


Here are some pictures of our Belgian Malinois puppy playing with our personal protection poodle again. These two just can’t get enough of each other.