IK9S Protection Dog Handler Courses

It’s your birthday and you have just been given a set of PXG golf clubs. A very nice set. Turns out, this is a conspiratorial birthday group and someone else gives you golf attire, while a few others have gone in on a private golf course membership. You have very nice friends who know that you’ve always wanted to play golf. Here you are, all set to go and join that foursome in the morning that another gift giver has arranged for you. This is an exciting day for you! You hardly know what to say. But somewhere in the back of your mind is an uneasiness that keeps pecking away at you. In a nutshell it stems from the fact that you don’t know how to play golf! In fact, you’ve never played a day in your life. Yes, you’ve always dreamed of playing…someday. But, thanks to the thoughtfulness of your friends and family, you are now all prepared to play, except that a critical component is missing and it’s your skill set.

This is probably how you would feel if someone dropped off a personal protection dog on your doorstep and said, “here’s the dog, here’s the leash, there you go.”  Or better yet, you actually had to go collect the dog, alone, with no instructions, from a crate at the airport.  This sounds ridiculous, right? But, if you think this hasn’t happened, think again. There are companies out there who treat their customers this way. There are a couple of reasons why they do it this way. First, they don’t train their own dogs, so they aren’t prepared to train you on how to train your own dog or to even give a demonstration of the dog’s abilities (or in many cases, the lack of abilities). Secondly, it’s much cheaper for them to just deliver a dog and not spend the two or three days that it takes to introduce you to your dog and teach you how to interact with your new highly-trained protection dog.

It would be kind of like putting you on the PGA tour with fantastic clubs, attire and great intentions, but no skills. In other words, it doesn’t work out so well.

We at Integrity K9 Services know that you need training in this new aspect of your life. You don’t magically know how to interact with and handle a personal or family protection dog that you’ve just met. For one thing, what are their commands? What should you be doing the first two weeks after your dog arrives?  How do you acclimate him into your family and help him settle into a loving, trusting relationship with you?  These are all key elements to owning a highly-trained personal protection dog that we help you with to make sure that this is a good experience for you and your dog.

Integrity K9 Services walk you through all of the things you need to know while we are with you in your home, introducing your dog to you, your family, your friends, your domestic help and anyone else you have regular contact with. We teach you to interact with your dog and make sure you are all comfortable with the dog before we leave. We are also available for follow-up training visits.

But, there’s more that you can do to make sure you and your new Personal Protection companion speak the same language and build a lasting relationship. We offer training courses for you and your dog. Our courses teach you better handler skills so that you are up to par with your professionally trained personal protection dog. We’ve been training personal protection dogs for over 30 years. You can’t be expected to know the innerworkings of dog behavior and be able to read their movements without training. We can teach you to recognize these behaviors and know what your dog is saying to you. We can teach you to be a better handler so that you are on par with your dog. We can teach you to love working with your dog.

We offer three-day and five-day courses in beginner, intermediate and advanced handler work. Once you’ve taken a beginner course, you can come back later and take the intermediate course and so on. There’s always room for growth and the more time you spend with your dog, the more you’ll want to understand him and speak his language.

Give us a call at 855-461-3647 for more information on these amazing courses. We are happy to fill you in on all the details. These courses are tailored for you and your dog and are always small and intimate so that you get the attention and help that you want.