Ace is our confident three year old Czech Shepherd. He is highly trained in protection work and obedience work. Ace is ready to be your #1 protector and companion. Ace has a large presence and loves to play outdoors. He is friendly, focussed and fiercely loyal to his handlers. He is eager to please and awaits your command.

Training includes: high obedience, alert training, guard training, protection training, threat detection, special skills and more.

Czech Shepherd Working Dog Breed

Czech Shepherds, or Czech German Shepherds, are known for being friendly, loving, loyal, affectionate with moderate energy levels. They are highly intelligent and love training tasks that work their minds while releasing their energy. They do best when they have room to play and run and have ample opportunities for mental stimulation. Czech Shepherds have easy going temperaments and make incredible working dogs and companions. This working and herding breed originated from the Czech Republic, where they were used for hundreds of years as sheep herding and watch dogs.

Czech Shepherds are beautiful, large shepherds with incredible smarts and fierce loyalty. They bond easily with their family and love to work. Czech Shepherds have a keen sense of emotion and are able to decipher human emotion easily. This makes them empathetic dogs that are in tune with their owner’s emotions and will comfort family members in times of stress, as well as protect in the event of any sort of danger.

We deliver worldwide and spend ample time with you, ensuring there is a seamless transition to you as the handler and owner.

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