Protection Dog Profile: Rocky

Rottweiler protection is just about the best kind of protection you can have! If you love Rottweilers, you will appreciate that this guy is drop dead gorgeous and has a personality to match. He has the sweetest baby-face and doesn’t disappoint on his sweet, sweet personality. Our protection dog Rocky has a hard bite – just look at the size of those jaws – and he has the drive to back it up! Rocky is extremely observant and doesn’t miss any cues, whether there are good or bad things going on around him, he is tuned in to what is going on. He is very gentle and loving with children and knows when to be careful. If there’s a threat, he is so in tune that he will have mitigated it almost before you realize anything was even going on. He’s that good. He is very low key and because he is so sweet, he is the perfect dog for children.  All of our dogs are raised in homes – and it shows. We know that there is no substitute for early introduction and integration in a family setting. It’s something you just can’t compensate for later in a dog’s life which is why we are so adamant that our dogs must come from family situations where we know they are raised with love and attention. Like all of our dogs, Rocky is obedience trained on and off leash and has advanced training to keep you and your family safe from would-be attackers. Since Rocky is low key, you can take him anywhere despite his powerful presence. This dog will not disappoint.  If you would like to learn more about our adorable and amazing Rocky, give us a call or send us an email and we will fill you in on more of his attributes.

Rottweilers descended from the ancient Roman Empire’s Drover dogs (a mastiff) and are one of the world’s oldest herding dog breeds. During the Roman conquests of Europe, the Roman legions needed to bring their meet with them, on the hoof. The Drover dogs herded the cattle, guarding the herds at night and pushing them through the Alps by day on their way to what is now southern Germany. For two centuries the Roman drover dogs were used to herd and drive cattle for trade in that area even after the Romans were driven. The dog breed was then named after Rottweil, a small town in the region. Eventually, the dogs were used by traveling butchers at markets during the Middle Ages to guard their money pouches that were tied around the dog’s neck. With the advent of railroads and cattle cars, the demand for the Rottweiler breed declined, as did their numbers. WWI created a huge demand for police dogs, which brought the Rottweiler back into prominence. Breeding once again was ramped up and the Rottweilers flourished with their new-found place as police dogs where they served in many capacities, throughout WWI and WWII. After the wars ended, Rottweilers became a favorite because of their gentle nature and extremely powerful build. The American Kennel Club says that the Rottweiler is a robust working breed of great strength and at the same time a gentle playmate and protector within the family circle.