Shrek is a 2-year-old American Bulldog. He has the athletic build common to the American Bulldog breed. He excels at all aspects of his job and is ready to be your loyal companion. He has the tough appearance of a bulldog, that tells any potential threats that he isn’t going to mess around. At the same time he is sweet and well behaved everywhere he goes and wants to be your best friend while keeping you safe. American Bulldogs are known for being affectionate towards their owners and families and Shrek is no exception. He is so affectionate and warm with the people he loves and will do everything he can to protect his people.

American Bulldog Security

If you are serious about American Bulldog security, Shrek is the dog for you! Shrek is a gentle giant with a hard bite. He is so affectionate and also very protective. Shrek gets along with other animals and is great with kids. He wants to be your best friend and is very loyal. Shrek would make a great protection dog for someone who often runs, bikes, hikes or walks. He has excelled in all of his obedience and protection training and can detect a threat a mile away before you even know someone is there. With his striking looks and great personality, you can’t go wrong with this amazing American Bulldog personal protection dog.

American Bulldog Personality

American Bulldogs are gentle and affectionate and usually considered to be similar in personality to the very sweet English Bulldogs, however they are larger than their English cousins. Shrek is no different, he is affectionate and loving, when he knows someone is a friend not a threat. American Bulldogs are lap dogs just as much as their English cousins though. American Bulldogs love children and aren’t afraid to show it with their protective instincts. They are gentle and understanding and very tolerant. They require minimal grooming because of their short coat. They are fearless and generally known as being heroic to their owners. They are perfect for personal protection training because of their natural instincts and sweet personalities.

American Bulldogs are not always quick to let down their guard when meeting new people, they are protective and not overly zealous to invite a new member to the pack. If you have a new friend over, introductions are important so that your American Bulldog can meet and acquaint themselves with a new person. They are hesitant when making new bonds because of their protective nature, but they know someone is a friend by the way the owner interacts with the new person.

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