• X – Apollo

    Apollo is our Belgian Malinois protection dog. He is highly trained and ready to become your new #1 protector and companion.

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  • Jet

    Jet has thousands of hours of protection work under his belt and is perfectly trained to defend you and keep you safe. He is trained in threat detection and active protection work. Learn more here.

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  • Ike

    With thousands of hours of training completed and his raw, natural protective spirit, Ike is a tenacious and determined Belgian Malinois protection dog.

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  • All Star Zelda

    Zelda is a brilliant soul and a joy to be around. She is focussed, determined, playful and alert.

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  • Fathy

    Fathy’s number 1 priority is your safety. He loves to protect and enjoys his protection work. Fathy is our large black, red, and brown, Belgian Malinois who loves to work and has one of the most hard hitting, effective bite-work that you can find in a dog. He is also a very happy and playful boy, making him a great addition to your life!

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  • Sierra

    Sierra is such a sweet girl and a hard worker too!

    Interested in owning a protection dog? Just want to know what our process is like? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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  • X- Leah (Sold)

    Leah loves to play and loves to be loved. She is an impressive Belgian Malinois with a gorgeous fawn coat and a beautiful black mask.

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  • X- Blitz (Sold)

    Blitz is our gorgeous Belgian Malinois with a black mask and fawn coloring. He has undergone the highest obedience and protection training.

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