Zelda is a brilliant soul and a joy to be around. She is focussed, determined, playful and alert.


Zelda is our beautiful 18 month female Malinois. She is tenacious and protective. She will do anything to ensure the safety of her owner and family. Zelda is watchful, attentive, and high alert. She loves to run and go with our trainers on their errands, day to day tasks and weekend hikes, bike rides and runs. As a Belgian Malinois, it’s in her blood to be active and energetic, and it’s in her training to be your best protector.

Protection Training

Zelda has high protection training and high obedience training. She is trained to watch and alert, detect threats and protect you from any intruder, would-be kidnapper or harm-doer and keep you safe while you go about your day, giving you freedom and peace of mind. She has undergone hundreds of hours of training and is reliable and dependable in any threatening situation. She is able to smell emotions and threats before you are even aware of someone around you, making her the ultimate protection.

Belgian Malinois Breed

Belgian Malinois have the potential to be incredible protection dogs with the right training. We hand pick every single puppy and dog that we train for intelligence, work ethic, trainability, health, personality, and demeanor. We only choose the best of the best for protection work to ensure that every dog that comes from IK9S is the best possible defender and companion available.

We deliver worldwide and spend ample time with you, ensuring there is a seamless transition to you as the handler and owner.

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