Friendly – Protective – Eager to please

Jet is our Bouvier Des Flandres X Belgian Malinois protection dog. He has thousands of hours of protection work under his belt and is perfectly trained to defend you and keep you safe. He is trained in threat detection and active protection work. He has passed all his qualifications to becoming a high obedience and protection dog and has excelled in his active protection work.

He comes from healthy, strong and gorgeous bloodlines. Protection is in his blood and he has made good on his DNA in all of his training.

Jet is athletic and sheds minimally. He would make a great protection dog for a family with children, someone who wants a loyal companion to be constantly by their side or someone who enjoys being active.

We deliver worldwide and spend ample time with you, ensuring there is a seamless transition to you as the handler and owner. Learn more about our head trainer, William Ellinger, and how we train here.

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