Your expertly-trained Integrity K9 Services executive and family protection dog will protect you against threats no matter where you are.  When you and your loved ones are in the car, whether it’s in a parking lot, at a stop light, or in your own driveway, your protection dog is ready to defend you from any danger.  Imagine you and your children pulling out of your garage and encountering an assailant who has hopped your fence, ready to attack.  Once they see the power and ability of your protection dog, they’re going to run the other way. Our dogs are trained in-house to face any situation where an attacker could take advantage of you. When you and your Integrity K9 Services protection dog are driving down the road, your canine will sit quietly and peacefully wherever you tell him to sit. But when danger presents itself, your K9 is there for you, and will expertly defend you and your family.


We would all like to believe that we live in a world where danger doesn’t exist, but that’s not the case. Danger can lurk behind bushes in the form of an assailant who would like to do terrible things to you when you’re out jogging at a park or on a street. When you have your Integrity K9 Services expertly-trained family protection dog with you, it doesn’t matter if it’s just you by yourself, you and your kids, or your whole family—your dog will protect you from the attacker. Our dogs are trained by world-renowned trainer, Dr. William Ellinger. Our security dogs are trained to have experience in all aspects of personal protection before they become a part of your family. So, whether you’re walking at the park, or running a race, your Integrity K9 Services dog has your back!


Sometimes we think that all the danger is “out there” in the world, but danger can strike when you’re at home, when you least expect it. When you’re alone and you finally have a minute to sit down and read that book, the last thing you want to be worried about in the comfort of your own home is someone invading your private space and doing bad things to you. When you have an Integrity K9 Services dog, you don’t have to worry about being threatened by an unknown attacker. Your canine will let the criminal know he means business before anyone can unlawfully enter your home. If the attacker is dumb enough to break a window or open the door, you will be well-protected by your security dog. Our K9s are expertly-trained to recognize and neutralize any threats against its pack members, and that means you and your family are in good paws.


After 2-3 days of professionally delivering your dog to you, we keep in touch to make sure everything is going well. You can call our trainers anytime, so you are never left wondering if you’re doing things correctly with your new Integrity K9 Services protection dog. There is a lot to learn in those few days of delivery and you might not remember it all, but we are there to help you after we leave. We are also available for additional training. We like to wait a minimum of two weeks before we come back so that a strong bond has developed between you and your protection dog. Sometimes our clients have us come back in 6 months, a year, or longer for additional training. When we come back, it can be for a day or a few days, depending on what you want. In many cases, we can train on the spot for various tasks. Our dogs are so well trained that getting a new command is not difficult and can be taken care of while we are on sight.