Training in Action

These are pics of actual training days and show what we do everyday to get your new dog completely trained and ready for a life with you. Our protection dogs are more than “just” protection dogs. Our dogs not only protect you and your family from threats at home, on a hike, on a run, in your car, at the airport, at a park, at your place of business, at church or Temple, and at your home, but they are also your best friend. Our dogs are trained and conditioned to willingly and lovingly be at your side as a wonderful and well behaved pet. To accomplish this, we train our dogs Everywhere you would go – including some places you may never go, but that’s ok because they are prepared for literally every walk of life so that wherever you take them, they are well behaved and ready to defend you and your family from real threats. Please enjoy the candid pics we take on an ongoing basis of training days both at our kennel and out and about. Some of the pics may look like we aren’t really training, but we are. For example, when the dogs are all playing together, that is getting your dog ready to get along with other dogs and have fun! This is a very important aspect of having a well adjusted, well behaved dog so that there is never a problem with your dog whether you are at home or out in public. We add pics daily, so be sure to check back for more fun pics of our Training In Action Days!