Your stuff isn’t safe.

That’s if you consider the findings of this FBI report, anyway. Apparently, in 2015 there were over 5 million larceny-thefts in the US. The average financial loss associated with each was $929.
And that’s just one example of a crime that people suffer every day.
Clearly, it can pay to employ particular safety measures to ensure you’re properly protected.
Cameras and motion detector lights can help. But of the all the safety methods out there, they don’t come much better than a protection dog. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of owning one for yourself.


Here are 5 of the main reasons you should consider getting a protection dog.

1. Increased Protection

The clue’s in the name, right?!

Imagine a 24-hour security camera. That moves. And barks…and has teeth.

Protection dogs give you an unrivaled additional level of defense against potential threats to you, your loved ones and your private property.

With proper training, these hounds aren’t your everyday house pet. They’re functional. And they’re there to protect you.

2. They’re Highly Trained

These canines don’t pull on the lead. Or eat food from the trash. Or beg for scraps. Or roll around in unwanted nasties in the garden. Or any other of the 101 undesirable actions most dog-owners put up with on a daily basis.

Nope, properly trained protection dogs do what they’re told.

3. Loyalty to You Alone

These hounds take loyalty to a whole new level.

Not only are they trained to obey rules and regulations at all times, but they can be taught to be responsive to you, the owner, alone.

On your command, they’ll respond to a threat. And they’ll stop only when you tell them to.

4. They’re Not Your Ordinary Dog

You’re probably aware of this already, but protection dogs aren’t like other canines.

And that’s not just because they’re highly trained and specialist at what they do.

In fact, protection dogs usually have specific traits that make them suitable for the role. For example, common breeds include the German Shephard and Belgian Malinois, both of which are naturally strong, energetic, highly intelligent and fantastically trainable.

Those qualities make them ideal for the task of protecting you.

5. They Make Awesome Pets Too

When they’re not busy guarding the house and protecting you from intruders, protection dogs make fantastic household pets too.

In fact, they’re pretty good at doing both jobs at once. Like any other dog, they become another member of the family. They’re affectionate, playful and love a good cuddle.

But just say the word and they’re ready for action.



A protection dog could be the answer you’re looking for if you want a brand new furry member of the family who just happens to be able to ward off potential threats.

For their functionality, protection, special training, and fierce loyalty, these dogs make brilliant companions that can keep you safe.

Now we’d love to hear from you. What’s the number one reason you’re thinking of getting a protection dog?

Let us know in the comments! And be sure to contact us to find out how we can make it happen.