Protection Dog Profile: Bella

Meet Bella! Bella is our beautiful female red personal Doberman protection dog.  Bella is a very calm and quiet girl. She will fit into your household seamlessly because she is very intelligent and wants to please. She is good with children and other animals and loves being in a family setting where she can do her job of protecting her loved ones. Bella is one of those fantastic personal protection dogs that you do not want to miss out on if you love Dobermans. She is very strong, sleek, and responsive. Those qualities help her do her job as your personal protection dog because along with intelligence, a great personal protection dog needs to be strong enough and driven enough to protect your family. When you have a dog that is as responsive as Bella, you know that she will always be looking out for your safety in any situation.

Bella knows how to keep you safe at home and when you are out and about. She loves riding in the car, going for walks or runs, and will always stay by your side keeping you safe from the bad guys. Bella is an easy dog to have around because she is very obedient. If you tell her to go to her designated place in your home, she will go there, and she will stay there until you release her. If someone tries to break in while she is in her place, you don’t have to worry about releasing her because she knows when it’s time to do her job of protecting you and exactly just how to do it.

If you’re interested in having a top-notch Doberman personal protection dog, here is an amazing opportunity to have a sweet, calm, and smart Doberman taking care of you and your loved ones.

Doberman Pinschers are intelligent, alert, loyal, muscular, fast, and powerful dogs. These attributes combine to make an excellent personal protection dog. It is thought that Dobermans were first bred in the 1880s. Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann lived in the German state of Thuringia, and although not a lot is known about him, it is believed that he ran a dog pound. Since he had access to many dog breeds, it is believed that he got the idea to create a breed that would be ideal for protecting him in a variety of jobs. It is thought that he held several dangerous jobs, including a tax collector, a rent collector, and a night watchman. A fun fact about the Doberman Pinscher name is that the breed was named after Dobermann after he died in 1894. The Germans named the breed Dobermann-pinscher in his honor, but a half century later they dropped the word “pinscher” on the grounds that this German word for “terrier” was no longer appropriate to the breed.  The British did the same a few years later.  Now it is the US and Canada that are the only countries who continue to use Pinscher and have dropped an “n” from Dobermann’s surname.  During WWII, the USMC adopted the Doberman Pinscher as its official war dog.

Doberman Training:

Doberman Pinschers are incredibly intelligent dogs and can be trained fairly easily. Their drive, personality and stamina make for incredible companion and protection dogs. All of our Dobermans have been hand picked from the best of the best bloodlines and litters to be undergo high obedience training and then Doberman protection training.


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