Trained dogs are happy dogs! Dogs generally like training, especially working dog breeds! It’s something fun and stimulating for them and they really don’t see it as work but rather as bonding time with their training. Training dogs brings structure and expectations to their lives and allows them to be mentally stimulated as they learn and follow directions. Training a dog gives the owner and dog a common language so that both will be able to communicate with each other. Additionally, it helps build a bond between them. Having an untrained dog can be a source of much stress and that stress can overflow onto the dog. Stress, for both human and dog, can be avoided with training as worries such as how a dog will react in public places, if it is left at home alone, or how it will treat children. Safety is another benefit of training. It can keep a dog safe as well as other people that come in contact with the dog. Training is mutually beneficial and, here at Integrity K9 Services, all of our personal protection dogs have received the best training by the best trainers.