Just like new appliances, toys, or tools come with an instruction manual or video, we at Integrity K9 Services provide in-home training for 2-3 days for you and your protection dog to assure that you are comfortable with the newest addition to your family. We aid in teaching you commands from obedience training so you know what commands to give on a day-to-day basis or in a threatening circumstance. Our in-home training also consists of helping you acclimate your personal protection dog into your home by meeting members of your family and anyone else you and your family have regular contact with. Our trainers do not just help you acclimate within your home, but outside your home as well. Worried about taking your children and a dog to the grocery store? No problem, we will go with you to show you that going about your daily errands is just as easy as always, but a lot safer with your personal protection dog by your side. By the time we leave, you will be well on your way to forging a strong bond with your personal protection dog.

We can answer any and all questions you might have about your highly-trained personal protection dog at drop-off, but if you forget to ask while we are there or come across other questions in the future, we are just a call away. If you would like a follow-up visit we also offer Owner Training Courses where a trainer visits your home to assist in any additional training needed. All this is part of the IK9S difference.