Is a personal protection dog the same as a guard dog? The short answer is no, it’s not. A guard dog functions without a handler guiding its actions, such as giving different commands. While a guard dog certainly has its place in the world, its place generally does not involve being around children or in public spaces. A guard dog does not make an ideal family dog because of this reason. Guard dogs LOVE working and are happy as can be herding sheep or protecting livestock. But guard dogs typically lack the social skills needed to safely interact with your whole family. 

A personal protection dog acts under the guidance of a handler or owner. They wait for commands to act as well as defend their owner and their home. This added discipline protects, not only the owner from threats, but the personal protection dog and other people. A personal protection dog makes for a perfect family dog. Their ability to follow commands due to a high level of obedience training enables them to be around all members of your family including children and other animals. Here at Integrity K9, we promise that our personal protection dogs are always alert and ready to jump into action to protect you, your family, and your home.