Our head trainer is no other than William Ellinger. He has 40 years of dog training experience and has trained and titled hundreds of dogs in his career.

The personal protection dogs of Integrity k9 Services steal the show, and we are proud to say that master trainer, Dr. William (Bill) Ellinger is the one responsible! Over four decades, Bill has dedicated his life to training and working with dogs. He is a certified agitator and judge for the Canine Civil Defense League (CCDL). He is a certified decoy and judge as well as Director for the North American Dog Sport Federation (NADF). Bill is also a certified decoy for Iron Dog, and was the Southwest Regional Director for the Protection Sports Association (PSA) and Regional Select Decoy for PSA. He has trained and titled dogs at the National and World levels for Schutzhund, French Ring, Mondio Ring, PSA, CCDL, and NADF. Bill has studied under many of the greats in each sport, both in the USA and abroad, from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and France. 

Bill’s many years of training has taught him how dogs’ minds work. His training techniques are humane, yet firm, which results in mutual love between dog and trainer. All of our trainers are also trained in Bill’s successful methodology, thus providing quality training for all the dogs that are selected to be trained as personal protection dogs. All of our dogs and trainers benefit from his knowledge and expertise.