Bella, our protection poodle, has exceeded every expectation we had for her protection and obedience training. She is very quick to learn and perfect new skills and is extremely obedient. Poodles are known for their hypoallergenic fur and Bella is no exception. She is proof you don’t have to sacrifice allergies for safety and protection.

Bella is extremely sweet and affectionate, she loves her work and is eager to please. She is the perfect dog to come on all your adventures with you! She is athletic and strong and would be able to come on all of your runs, bikes, hikes, walks and other outdoor adventures as well as your everyday errands.

Are Poodles Protective?

Your first thought when looking at a poodle may not be that they are fierce protection dogs, but trainers of these beautiful dogs know that they have been bred for hundreds of years as guard and protection dogs. Sometimes known for more of their fluff than their stuff, these dogs are just as much substance as they are looks. With strong back legs, endurance ability AND stamina, these dogs are a triple threat when it comes to protection. They are intelligent, hard working and eager to please – ensuring that they will always have your back in any situation.