Gage is our stunning all black Shepherd. He is  driven, fierce and ready to be your new companion and protector.


Gage is energetic, fiercely loyal, and will love to be with you on your next adventures. He is athletic and will stay right beside you as you hike, bike, run, walk or go about your daily activities. He is charming and loves to be loved. He is good around kids, animals and in your house. He has been expertly trained to behave in the house, backyard or out in public spaces.

It’s in Gage’s blood to be brave, confident, steady and loyal. It’s in his training to be the best protection available. His raw talent and fierce personality make watching him work a privilege. The focus, awareness and determination that Gage demonstrates is nothing short of awe inspiring. We can’t wait to share him with you and for him to find the perfect home to love and protect.


Gage has been through hundreds of hours of protection and obedience training. He has excelled in all of his protection work and is an expert on alerting, defending, protecting and obeying. He will obey your every command and detect threats before you may even know they are present. He has a large presence that will ward off wrong-doers immediately, and if anyone is illogical enough to attempt anything – that’s where his protection training comes in.

Gage is trained to respond to your every command. He is composed, calm and aware of everything around him. If there is a threat, you can be sure Gage will alert you and be ready to ward off the threat. He will remain by your side, until you command him to engage with the threat for your protection.

Gage will make the perfect protector, defender and companion to the right home. Interested in this lovable boy? Contact us and let’s see if it’s a good fit.