Protection Dog Profile: Cayman

Cayman is a rare breed of French police dog and has titled in ADF (American Dog Federation). The fact that he’s a Bouvier means that he doesn’t shed!  He is stunning, and has a fantastic personality to go along with his whole family protection dog package.  He has phenomenal obedience and a true desire to serve—this guy wants to be your best friend!  He is affectionate and loyal and loves to go on walks with the family and hang out at your house together. He was raised in a family environment (as are all of our dogs) and is socialized with children, so he loves hanging out with the kids.  Cayman can be playing with your kids, having a good time, and look very relaxed and charming in his no-shed coat, but if someone approaches and he reads the situation as a threat, he is immediately on point and protecting your children! He has impeccable training, and is obedience trained to sit, stay, come, lie down, and stay in “place” (which is a designated spot in your home). He is house-trained and always well-behaved both indoors and out.

Cayman is very intuitive and smart, and that’s always important when you’re selecting a personal protection or executive protection dog because you want a dog that can read situations and react intelligently. That’s just what this guy is.  He has intelligence and the power to back it up with forceful and reliable protection for you and your family.  His bites are phenomenal—no one is going to get through him to you—and he has shown in his extensive training that he has the drive to keep you safe!  Cayman has the ability to protect you and your family from the bad guy’s advances and threats because he won’t back down.  He puts himself between you and the bad guy, and on your command, he will defend you.

When there’s no threat present, Cayman is a well-behaved, pleasant dog to have around.  He isn’t demanding or annoying, and he likes just being with his family pack. You could be having dinner at the table with your family and laughing and having a good time while Cayman’s just lying down in the kitchen, but if someone comes to your house and Cayman detects a threat, he is instantly ready to protect!  This loving, sweet boy would love to play with you and your family, go to the park, go shopping at the grocery store, the mall, the gas station, or anywhere in public that you need to go. Cayman knows how to act when he flies on a plane, too.  He is quiet and charming, and has received compliments from airline staff because of how well-mannered he is. Cayman was trained in-house by world renowned trainer, Dr. William Ellinger, as are all of our dogs, so you know you have the best trained protection dog available. With Cayman’s no-shed factor and his extraordinary personality, this dog would make a fabulous addition to your family.