Rufus is our 8-month-old Giant Schnauzer in training. He is adorable and loves to learn. He has enjoyed all of his training so far and we are so excited for the incredible dog he is becoming. He has the sweetest personality and is tenacious beyond belief. He’s happiest when he gets to train with his handlers or get head scratches and pets.

Giant Schnauzers can become incredible protection dogs and Rufus is no exception. They are protective large, intelligent and trainable and their alertness and bravery make them great guard dogs. Giant Schnauzers also have a loud and intimidating bark, which can serve as a deterrent to potential intruders as well.

Giant Schnauzers generally excel in obedience training and can quickly learn complex commands, making them ideal for protection work. They are naturally athletic and are happiest when they are working, playing or spending time with their trainers and owners.

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