Protection Dog Profile: Kohl

Kohl is a Giant Schnauzer, weighs about 65 lbs., and is just nine-months-old. He is playful and has lots of energy, which is typical of his breed, but he already knows how to work.  Kohl isn’t quite ready to leave our program yet, but if you’re interested in him, give us a call.  We have a program that enables you to reserve Kohl and visit him while he is finishing off his training to become your perfect protection dog.  Kohl is currently being obedience trained in preparation for his advanced training.  He is intelligent and strong, and is going to be a tremendous protection dog with a big presence.  He is good-looking, and already has lots of good habits.

Giant Schnauzers were developed in 17th century Germany as a working dog capable of many tasks.  They were originally used to help out on the farms with protection and carting.  They eventually transitioned into cities, where they guarded breweries and other types of factories and establishments.  It wasn’t until WWII that they became known outside of Bavaria and became popular as a dog breed throughout the world.  Even then, their presence in America was small until the 1960s.  These dogs are strong, loyal, and highly intelligent.  They are also very energetic and athletic.

Though Kohl has been placed in his forever home to protect, we have a great lineup of available dogs. View all of them here, or contact us to discuss our current selection of protection dogs.