Hulk is our gorgeous black and tan male German Shepherd born 3/12/2019. He is playful and loving and has a beautiful black muzzle that looks like velvet. He will make the best protection dog to the right fit. As we spend several days with you and your loved ones at your residence, you will feel confident that he is your most loyal protector. If you want to go somewhere and play ball with him and feel secure that no one is going to threaten you while you’re on a hike or at a park, this is the guy for you. He is hard hitting and won’t let you down. His obedience is spot on and you can count on him to always be there to do whatever it is you need so that you have a great pet and a great protection dog.

Check out some of our other dogs and breeds as well. Our dog Apollo is in training to become a highly trained Belgian Malinois protection dog, and Lucy is our beautiful female German Shepherd protection dog. View them and all of our other protection dogs here.

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