King is a 2-year-old male Rottweiler. He was born in Serbia from some of the best working bloodlines in Europe and brought here to share his fantastic personality and athletic build with his new family. As an integral part of his training he has been socialized and lived in a home in a family environment. King is smart, loyal, patient, affectionate, loving and protective. He displays exactly the right mix of drive, patience, loyalty and protective instinct that are required from a personal protection dog. He is great in either a home or work environment and his training can be fully customized to meet even the most rigorous needs.

Rottweiler obedience training is so crucial to the healthy development of these dogs! Rotties are sweet, loyal, calm and courageous. They are also very active dogs and enjoy getting their energy out. It is so important that Rottweilers have great obedience training so that they are not destructive or misbehaved with their energy. Like all of our dogs, King the Rottweiler has had extensive obedience training and is ready to become your new best friend!